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Targeted Audience

Get your add specifically in front of Bingo players and Bar-goers in MN! 



A simplified and effective way to advertise compared to other marketing sources. 



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Main Banner

$19 / week

Have your banner ad situated at the top of 5 of the most popular pages on the site:

  • Home page (example in image) 
  • Search Bingo page
  • Search Meat Raffle page
  • Handbag Bingo page
  • Search results page

Mid-Page Ad

$14 / week

Have your ad situated in 3 locations throughout the site:

  • Middle of the home page
  • Middle of the Handbag bingo page
  • On the search results page after the locations list 

Featured Event

$10 / week

Have your event featured on the Home Page with an image and info!

  • Your event will also be featured on our Facebook page! 
  • Don’t have an image or graphic for your event. NO WORRIES! We can create a beautiful image for you to showcase your event.

Additional Info

  • All options available from 1 to 10 weeks. 
  • Want to advertise your event, but don’t have an ad or image? No worries! We can make one for you. 
  • Safe, secure payments made with PayPal. 
  • Contact us now, or any time at or (763) 218-7444. 

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