Burgers & Bingo: A Match Made in Minnesota

Ah yes…burgers, a staple in American cuisine, and bingo, a staple in Minnesota. Put them together and you have a pairing like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots or for the fans of Big Daddy, lamb and tuna fish. 

So where are some spots you can get a good burger and also play some bingo? 

Great news! We’ve done the work for you! 


This spot on Rice Street (formerly known as Dean’s) has been around for ages. When the new owners came in they revamped the menu and it seems to always deliver. The hand pattied Inferno Burger was delicious and juicy with smoky bacon and a “sweet fire” sauce that had just the right amount of heat. For those that are not into the spicy scene, there are more traditional options such as the Mushroom and Swiss or the Hangover Burger which features a fried egg. Of the places we tried, McCarron’s had the best fries. Thin cut. Battered. Delicious.

On a Saturday they drew a large, diverse crowd for bingo and the acoustics were great no matter where you sat. Bingo paper is sold per game and there was also a meat raffle.

With great food and great bingo it’s no wonder this is a place that has established a good crowd of regulars.

Hot Tip: You can get 5 free sheets of $1 paper during each session during your birthday month and rumor has it their redone patio is a spot to check out as the weather gets warmer. 


McCarrons Pub and Grill 

1986 Rice St. St Paul, MN 55113

Bingo Monday at 6 PM and Saturday at Noon. 


Their burger selection has a little bit of everything; from classic favorites to exotic options like bison to downright bold creations like the wonder burger that uses grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, there is bound to be something here for just about all burger lovers. If none of the menu burgers strike your fancy they also have a BYOB option that allows full customization. One thing that seems to be common across their burgers though is that once you pick them up you won’t be able to set them down. 

For a Thursday this place was absolutely buzzing and is a spot you will want to show up early to get a seat. Also, if you like interactive bingo calls (Two two, woo woo, etc) this is the spot for you. You can tell their caller is having fun which adds to the already upbeat atmosphere. Payouts were based on paper sales and with a large crowd, they remained high the entire night. 

Hot Tip: show up early to get a spot and be prepared to get loud if you win. You’ll need some pipes (or a friend that has ‘em) to make sure they hear you at the caller’s table. You have to buy a packet in order to play, but late arrivals are accepted and sheets for the games already played are removed.

Sgt. Peppers Grille & Bar

930 Helena Ave N Oakdale, MN 55128

Bingo Thursday at 6 PM and Sunday at 2 PM


This place gives off a kind of dark and mysterious vibe upon entering, but what’s definitely not a mystery is why people crave their burgers. They are insanely tasty! 

The half pound burgers and locally baked buns are a winning combo. Their selection has a mix of delectable classic favorites as well as more exotic flavors like the 3 Alarm burger, featuring legitimately hot ghost pepper cheese or the Hogg Attack which is a full pound (yes, you read that right) of beautiful burgery goodness.

The dual bar situated upstairs means getting drinks is never a challenge and the acoustics are fantastic (likely due to the fact they have a nightly DJ Tuesday-Sunday) making it easy to sit anywhere and comfortably hear the caller. 

Hot Tip: When you’re done with your burger and bingo check out the game room downstairs with darts, pool and a jukebox. It feels like a completely different spot and it is only a few stairs away.

Hoggsbreath Bar & Grill

2504 Rice St. Little Canada, MN 55113

Bingo Tuesday at 6 PM and Saturday at 3 PM and 8 PM